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Richard Warke, Chairman for Arizona Mining

Richard Warke's Bio:

Canadian business executive Richard Warke has almost three decades of experience in the international resource and mining sector and currently runs Augusta Group of Companies, which is made up of a group of public companies and various private businesses and includes Arizona Mining, Catalyst Copper and Armor Minerals.   Besides directing Augusta Group, Richard Warke is the Chairman and CEO of Arizona Mining, a mining and exploration company developing what appears to be a world-class lead and zinc project south of Tucson in Santa Cruz County in Arizona.   Throughout his more than 25 years in the mining industry, Richard has built a variety of successful mining operations that have sold for record amounts. Most recently, Richard sold Augusta Resource Corporation, a company he founded and ran for almost two decades for $670 million dollars to HudBay Minerals Inc. in 2014. In 2011, Richard sold Ventana Gold Corporation for $1.5 billion to Brazilian-based Eike Batista.   Richard often credits his success to surrounding himself with a dedicated and hardworking team that is experienced in the mining and resource industry. As Richard explained in a 2014 interview: “People who know their craft and are not afraid to work together for a common cause. There is no doubt that any successes I have had would not have been possible without a full team effort.”   Outside of his work in the resource sector, Richard has businesses in the aviation and hospitality sectors and is also experienced in the oil and gas, forestry, technology and manufacturing industries.    

Richard Warke's Interests & Activities:

mining, traveling, aviation, hospitality

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